Top Bike Week Hotels – South MB

TOP 10 Hotel at Black Bike Week in South Myrtle Beach

!Warning! These hotels will book up FAST! So get your room Early !Warning!

10. SeaGlass Towers Oceanfront

9. Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort Sold Out

8. Long Bay Resort

7. Sandcastle Oceanfront Resort at the Pavilion

6. Carolina Grande Oceanfront

5. Breakers Resort

4. Patricia Grand Hotel

3. Sherato Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel “Not right on the strip, but 3 minutes away, but this Hotel is hot”

2. WestGate Resorts SOLD OUT!!!

1. Bay View Hotel ” Like Drake say, The Best, Best I Ever had. LOL”

Reserve your HOTEL EARLY!!! Trust me, you don’t want to wait till the last minute and get what’s left over!!

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